Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Lego Land Dubai : Is it worth?

Hey u Lego fans.
U all must have heard by now the new theme park Legoland. I am sure some of you have already got to visit it.
I am one of them who did visit. I got lucky bought tickets for 45dhs during national day promotion. I say lucky as there was a mad rush to buy them online. My son who is a die-hard Lego fan was in heaven. It was for him that i scampered to buy these tickets.

The entire experience was good. Kids had a great time. It is definitely for family with kids aged 2-12.
Rides could be categorized as childish, mediocre and thrilling. I could say 15 rides were operational. They have two roller coaster rides. Most of the rides have height restrictions. If you have a 3 year old u can go in say 4 to 5 rides.

12 years old may not find to their liking. 4 D shows need more depth. It was childish. It was long with no proper script. We stood in a queue for half an hour for that show.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Being a Good Smartian

There was an article in Gulfnews today. It was about a poor girl who achieves her dreams of graduation with sheer determination. Her mother is a house maid and couldn't provide for her higher studies. The girl was not one to be bogged down, she approached The said News agency and an article was run about her in the papers, of how she was an brilliant student with many trophies but no money. Finally college seeing her plight offered her 100 %scholarship for her entire three years studies.

I come across many such articles, I read them, feel sorry for them, but I never thought to help them. I am hesitant to help an entire stranger. I can't think of spending time to contact these people and inquire about how and where to do it. Do not take me to be a heartless person, I do help people that I know in their time of need. But-then I always had this notion that i was not doing enough.

Yesterday I did something that I would have never done previously. 

Me and my four year daughter were engrossed in the TV. Suddenly something hit the window, near which we were sitting, and fell down. It happened to be a bird. It was lying on the pavement and struggling. After a few seconds, it stopped struggling. It looked dead. I was torn between going down and having a look or leaving it alone as i was sure it was dead. I asked my little one what she wanted to do, she said she wanted to help the bird. So we took some water and seeds for the bird, in case it had just fainted. I sprinkled some water on the bird, it dint move. It did not move for a long time. I left the seeds and water I had next to it. I kept an eye on it from my window till evening. At dusk when i peeped out i dint see the dead bird. It was gone, taken by a cat am sure. 

Though the bird couldn't survive it was an important event for me.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Schooling in Dubai

A new academic year is starting. All the parents are hoping for a wonderful start. Kids are excited to reacquaint with their school buddies.
I know many kids who are joining new schools, they are looking for friends. Praying this school will be better than their previous one. Well, parents will know by the end of the first term.

Here in Dubai there is sizable disappointment among parents about the school. Kids change their schools frequently. There is very little percentage that remain in the same school for their entire education. House shifting to a different country may be one of the major reason. But there are other major factors to consider. Teachers too change schools regularly. So there is no sense of permanency. Schools fees play another major part, schools increase fees every 3 yrs. Very few schools provide an all round experience. even then parents are unhappy.

I have inquired with few of my family friends living in India and abroad. According to them, teachers change at their place too but not at this rate and school fees are definitely nominal. I came to a conclusion that it is the fees, education not worth for the money we pay. and it increases at an high rate. School fees vary
Though KHDA inspects schools every year, best review is through word of mouth. highest ranking schools too have their own problems, which I am not listing here

Finally which is the best school. Where to enroll my kid, the search continues.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Summer in Dubai

It's summer!!!
Are you happy or sad? I am neither.
Manny of you are planning your trips to escape this hot humid season. But some are stuck with no way out and they are mostly the people who are working.
Well I too am not going any where, and have two kids. I want my kids to enjoy the vacation. Wake up late, do all the stuff the kids do and learn something too. There are many things happening here in Dubai in summer too.
Pre Ramadan offers for grown ups to indulge in, Water parks ( they are a dream come true in this summer) ,Summer camps for kids.
It is also time for DSS ( Dubai Summer Surprise). You can check the latest shows during DSS in Dubai Calender . Time Out Dubai too provides information about various happenings in Dubai.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

..--Titile by my 2 yr old]'

Finally i am here to write after sometime. The foremost reason is my son is addicted to watching Tom and Jerry in, that when ever i touch my net book he is waiting for me put the video, if not a big tantrum. First it was the iPod to go into hiding now it is the turn for my net book. Parenting has become a sacrificing thing. So i took to reading newspapers for a change. At least there i won't have anyone disturbing me.

I was reading Gulf News, a daily newspaper here (UAE), though most of the news is old. There are news about Bollywood too. Page3 news is mostly a copy of previous editions of Times of India. There was an article about Rahul Gandhi "Sonia Gandhi's son", titled "THE Prince of Congress" the reluctant politician. I was dubious of what was true. The Indian media portrays him as a irresponsible politician and this article says something else. The article says he has matured into a true politician, wants to break free from his mild-mannered image, and be seen as a man in command. I don't follow Indian politics, about time i start. I shouldn't be writing something wrong.;.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Some days you just can't seem to find time to do your thing. the past few days have been such for me. Today i don't have anything to write. Nothing much eventful today. Just the daily chores and lot of pending issues, that keep on piling. Haven't you ever imagined, at least once in your life if there will be a day when you have completed all of your task and have satisfied your soul of every need and want. Does rest of the animal kingdom feel so? One of the main reason is our innovation. Man is such an unsatisfied creature.

I have seen toddlers play with Apple devices, the touch screen is very appealing to them. My two year old remembers the folders where his apps are stored and access them. It certainly looks like this technology was for toddlers. My son is so addictive that i am not able to use my smartphone in presence of him. He wants it all for himself. These already have more demands than us.

I too have a big list for the coming days. Pongal and Sankranti both indian harvest festival fall on 14th of January. Pongal is celebrated in Tamil Nadu and Sankranti in many of the states in India. It has many different names in different part of the country. My friends and relations back in India are enjoying the holidays. This year it falls on Saturday, a weekend here (Friday and Saturday make a weekend),  so i will have some less burden on  my shoulder in making the special food of the day.

Happy Pongal and Sankranti to all of you.